VRChat Creator Companion error - jobject jsonreader

I have reinstalled VRChat Creator Companion multiple times and I keep getting this error

Not much to go on here except the log file and VCC, but I would check to be sure you have the latest version of Unity Hub (3.7.0) installed as well the required currently support version(s) of Unity 2022.3.6f1, though 2019.4.31f1 still works it’s not recommended.

If you already have Unity Hub and Unity 2022.3.6f1 installed and working, then I would check that your VCC project has the latest SDK versions (3.5.0 base, package resolver, etc.)

Failing that, try reinstalling everything, perhaps something was missed along the way. Unity can be slow writing files without any visual feedback, so always give it time to do tasks, and good luck!