Vrc contact receiver and senders not working correctly

I followed the official tutorial for the senders and receivers and nothing happened.

I then looked at other peoples tutorials and they mention more things that vrchat does NOT, such as including uploading with the animation controller empty and the controller in the fx layer, and that the layer for the animations using contacts must be set to additive, not override.

On top of that I found that the animation disregards sound and particle elements unless it IS override, in which case I must have a duplicate layer, which was weird. It was only then that I could activate my contacts myself, but apparently no one else could interact with mine at all.

I feel like there is some missing information somewhere that explains what I must do and what I must NOT do that impedes and allows this functionality

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my dumb ass didnt turn on self interact in-game

:sweat_smile: it’s all right.

I got that too at some point, spent a few hours on the issue before bonking on the table.

For player to player, ensure their settings as well as it could be very annoying to not see it interact from that setting.

it also turns out that there is a discrepancy of fallback avatars not having the proper contacts so the receivers usually ignores them, which causes the local avatar not spitting out the animation at all, while the other uses still gets an outcome due to having both their avatar and mine being displayed on THEIR computer. However this is not occurring 100% of the time. Most times i need to show their non-fallback avatar in order to have the contacts on my end so my avatar can interact with them just so THEY can see the animation. I am uncertain if this is a programming issue or if it is a difference between PC and Quest