Vr black screen

when i join world
i can’t see anything
just black screen
but before that
i can see this

so i am pretty sure my VR is working

i have tried resetting vr driver
and reinstall vrchat
but still black screen

Just a weird thought - have you tried to change your avatar? Just in the off chance that there’s something weird with your avatar.

Do any of your controls appear? Like, your menus and whatnot? And if so, do they appear normal?

thanks for your reminder
i can open steam vr menu
and i can see vrchat screen
but when i close menu
it just black

i tried changing avatar
still have the same problem
2023 05 04 20 03 55 - YouTube

I see a drop in networking activity with each black screen. I wonder if it has something to do with network connectivity?

That’s very strange.