VCC Release 2.3.0 beta 1

Heyoo! We’re releasing our first Open Beta for the Creator Companion! VCC 2.3.0 beta 1 is available for download as a portable version that will not conflict with your currently installed version. Here’s the changelog:


This release delivers new Quality of Life features and improvements.

New Features

  • Added a beta mode to the Creator Companion.
    • Upcoming features and bug fixes for the Creator Companion will now be distributed as Open Beta builds
    • Open Beta builds are not installed with an installer. Instead, they can be unzipped and executed from any folder.
    • All Open Beta data is stored in the VCCUserDataPortable folder near the CreatorCompanionBeta.exe , allowing you to experiment without affecting your main installation.
    • The new Beta version also has a special beta icon to help you distinguish it from the main version.
    • This addresses #397.
  • Added a button to resolve projects directly in the Creator Companion.
    • Previously, resolving packages required opening the project in Unity.
    • Resolving packages in the VCC is especially useful when collaborating with others. After downloading a project (e.g. from GitHub), adding it to the VCC may cause a pop-up to appear. Click “Resolve” to automatically resolve all packages.
    • While resolving packages, the VCC will check whether they are available for download before proceeding. This allows you to partially resolve packages or add missing listings to the VCC first.
    • If packages cannot be resolved and you don’t want them in your project anymore, a new pop-up provides a way to remove them from the project manifest.
  • Added a “Reinstall All Packages” button to the package management screen.
    • Click the new ••• button near the “Manage Packages” button and select “Reinstall All Packages”.
    • When reinstalling all packages, the Creator Companion checks if all the packages are available for download. If they are available, it deletes their folders and re-resolves the project.

Beta-Specific Features

These features only appear in Open Beta builds of the Creator Companion.

  • The settings page has a “Copy Live Settings and Data” button. It copies all the settings and data from your main Creator Companion installation to the Open Beta installation. Copying all settings is useful for trying out the beta without having to reconfigure the Creator Companion.
  • The settings page also has a “Delete Beta Settings and Data” button. This lets you quickly reset the Open Beta settings to their initial state.

Changes & Fixes

Read the full release notes!


Download the zip


Glad to have a beta version for VCC. Hope that the use will satisfie everyone so we can fix bugs ahead for the majority of users :pray: :fire:

Will try this now.

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My personal small question is that release title says “2.3.0 beta.1” and not semver (it may not have been released as semver from the beginning), and the zip file name says “2.3.0-rc.1”, which does not match with release title.
(And beta release tag is “2.3.0”)

Anyway, I really appreciate for providing VCC OpenBeta.

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