Upload Tokens / Ownership Transfer for Content

I think VRChat desperately needs new features for content sharing or content ownership.

The two main ones are:

  1. Transferring Ownership : Canny
  2. Upload Tokens : Canny

I am working with a client on making a VRChat world. So far it has been… relatively smooth. However, we are at a stage where I need to send them multiple versions of the world, as well as sometimes updates for any new bugs found.

What I was doing was backing up through VCC, sending them the entire backup, and then they load it up on their end. However, there are often problems of certain scripts missing and what not. Besides this, problems with this approach could include sharing assets that they do not have access to.

The alternative is for them to give me their login credentials, but that should not even be on the table. The potential for abuse with that is way too high and I have seen it happen myself.

We need some way to transfer content ownership or remote access rights/tokens. I think this needs to be fixed sooner rather than later both for security and ease of use.


Unity project management using version controls seems to be a pain especially since dealing with large files. I’m not sure if the best solution would be VCC handle project management for multiple people’s projects in the same way, or, for there to be a easy to setup and manage version control for unity as a whole.

Not specifically the answer to the question, however, I’d put it in the same group because working with multiple people on a world for example or on avatars is tough. And the only way for an avatar to be uploaded for someone else is either give them the package, or use their credentials, which is highly unadvised.

I think having VCC is a good start to getting a unified system for content creation, but the big hurdle is gonna be unity version control I believe.

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It would be nice to have the ability to transfer ownership of an “uploaded in-game asset” to another person. I would assume a similar feature to that of Second Life where an owner has the ability to allow others to clone or not to clone, public or private, and transfer ownership rights to another person. It would completely eliminate the need for uploading on the behalf of someone else too.

I think it would also be nice to have some form of automated pipeline API that accepts the same binaries that the Upload SDK consumes. This would allow the community (or VRChat themselves) to create a docker package for GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket (insert whatever git system here) that attempts to compile and automatically upload to a blueprint ID every time a merge occurs on a watched branch.

This may be as simple of creating a workflow that compiles and uploads every time a dev merges with master/main - or have preview release blueprint IDs specifically made for testing versions that occur when you merge with develop or some other specific branch.

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