Throwable Bouncy Ball

I’m trying to create a throwable bouncy object, in this case a simple sphere.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get all of the aspects of it to simply work.

My first game object, just keeps falling through the ground and the other just rolls away on the ground on joining of the world.

The first one is a beach ball and I got rid of the mesh collider and used a sphere collider as I thought that was more performant. But that just falls through the ground now.

The second one (which I have the image of the inspector attached) is just a basic sphere. I was trying to get at least something to work the way I want. This one just rolls away on joining. It doesn’t bounce but I know that is a matter of the physics material settings.

What would cause these issues to happen? I have watched videos and did the same thing they were doing, or at least I thought so.

Thank You.

I have a tennis ball in one of my worlds and with the same components you have works.
What I can think of is check ground has collision and check the table of physics in project settings.