Solution to avatar upload error caused by blueprint

When I uploaded my avatar this morning, I encountered an upload error, prompting “[always] attempted to load the data for an avatar we do not own, clearing blueprint id”
Later I detached the blueprint, but still got this error.
Then I copied the blueprint id of the avatar I created earlier. Performed operations similar to overriding the previous avatar,Then upload successfully.So this kind of problem should be a permissions problem that cannot be solved by detached blueprint
if you follow the official solution.At least at the inspector interface.
I believe the 2019 version works fine, so the solution is either to roll back to the well-maintained 2019 version, or to use the previously assigned blueprint ID.
Maybe changing passwords, refreshing accounts, etc. will also work. This will change your permissions on the blueprint id, allowing the program to work normally.Since I’m not a manager, I can’t verify this method.

Staffs,I think you might start debugging from around this.
Where are your tips for not defining a blueprint id but reporting 404?