Seems to be a bug with player spawn points

I’ve created 3 objects with transforms in 3 positions in my world. I add them to my VRC Scene Descriptor. I have the Spawn Order set to sequential.

Every player spawns in on top of each other and always has. I just now tried setting it to Random and while this selects different spawn points it doesn’t help insure that players come in on each of them. Random is going to come up with the same value fairly frequently when there are only 3 of them.

Is there a Canny for this? I recall reading this paragraph.

But what does sequential actually do? If you load into the world and then respawn are you cycling through the points? I have seen exactly one world where respawning worked like that.

That is why I only suspected it to be a bug. One can control the respawn point so it seems a little silly to provide some built-in sequential “respawn only” mechanism .

Similarly having players spawn into a world on top of one another isn’t a great experience and random doesn’t reduce the risk if there aren’t a significant number of spawn points. Even then choosing spawn point one 5 times in a row is “random” if that is what the generator happens to produce.

Do we think it is working according to spec? If so I should post a change request.

I assume the QA test suite defines the behavior and an automated test would catch it if it failed. So is there is no such test or did it pass?

I’m going to assume that this is a bug and not intentional behavior. If it is (or if you think it is) I strongly encourage you to create a Feedback/Canny post.

In the meantime, I think you could work around the issue by using some clever Udon?

Thanks. I’ve submitted a bug report on Feedback. I couldn’t find any workaround as the players have spawned in by the time I have access.

I’ve seen some worlds start of with the player view obstructed, the bar that is based on vallhala game feels way too long. But if people spawn in blind then it’s fine if they’re all in the same place or whatever initially

It would also be fine if they spawned in on the defined spawn points either randomly or sequentially right?

The Midnight Bar is one world I was thinking of.

For a work around, have the initial spawn into the level be a certain place, and blindness, and then as soon as your code can do things, teleport the player to the real map and fade off the blindfold. My suggestion would be for sequential, but maybe the list could be randomized (shuffled) and synchronized?

If you’re starting off fresh my armchair suggestion would be to leave the initial spawn at 0,0 and try and have that spot be obscured, vs in the middle of a room. I don’t know if its a recent change or not, but I’ve noticed that players load in at 0,0,0 briefly then go to spawn, and when they fall, they’ve actually loaded in fully.

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