Rtx 3060

Hey, it has come to my attention that vrc aswell as other eac games are having issues with select modules of gpus and I seem to have that problem. I’m running a MSI RTX 3060 gaming X

Like what type of issues? I have the same GPU, model and everything though it is an LHR variant of the card.

EAC should generate a log file explaining it’s side of events. Maybe a game overlay like overwolf is trying to inject into render pipeline? I’d try and find logs and adjust where necessary

@tupper shark is the friend I was mentioning earlier. I guess you can get all information from her directly regarding the gpu issue.

@alvinthefurry has stated you’ve submitted support tickets to us regarding this issue. Can you tell me the ticket number of those requests? I can use that to look up previous info.

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Some sort of soft wear error, disabled razor cortex and the nvidia softwear and it works. So there is some issue there not sure. I have heard quite a bit about radion gpus having lots of issues but I don’t have one of those. I will continue to research the problem and see what I can find

Gotcha. Once you can, please let me know what the ticket number for your support request is, Ghost stated you didn’t get a response and I want to make sure your ticket didn’t get lost.

If this isn’t the case please let me know!

To be clear, this forum isn’t an official support board, and our tech support usually doesn’t post here. It is meant to be a place where users can offer help to other users.

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