Reporting guidlines, with the new console clients bypassing security. What do you need

All things being equal, we do need guidance on what information is relevant and important and what information the security and moderators need. vs Garbage they don’t want to hear about and can do nothing about.

At this moment in time with the newest bypass. I was going to try and send a security exploit ticket and was met with this …

“This form is not for reporting specific users, and any user reports will be automatically closed without a response. Please use the Moderation form to report specific users, or the Support form to get help with a specific issue. Please check the box above to confirm that you are submitting a valid report.”

Wait, now I am confused, we have someone live in the FurHub as we speak , And he is picking up multiple users , moving them around the place and crashing the whole instance at will , as he prattles on about how his client with his crasher group are dominating everything.

I cannot report him under the exploit tag apparently or it will be thrown away from what I am reading.

The other part of this is … how do we report things like this . what constitutes a legitimate report? what info is useful? what is garbage. If we have an active group to report of say 150 people about the SLAMM the server. do you need all of the names?, or do you need my login account to the Subreddit to see it all for yourself?

I am trying to pick up here as to how much VRC wants us to report, VS the quality and nature of reports. DO you want community monitoring shait themselves or not?

There are some frayed nerves here as of late. We gave up all of our safety mods. Now there is talk of buying into the clients to protect themselves.