Open 3D Commissions From Stract

Ello i am posting this since the last commissions post was being remove [big change happen]

soo i will introduce myselft again here~

my name dukemof
but my vrchat name was exantius
i will make your Vrchat character/Vtuber character mainly anime style but i am adaptable to other kind of style as long you got the character sheets!

if you dont have idea how to design and not having any character sheets feels free to ask me, i will provide you with an artist withing my community [ its good to help each other to grow!] to make your character sheets! it usualy went around 50-200 also its commercial usage

my 3d price are depended on complexity
it usually goes from 350-1000$ [1k mostly are commercial usage for streamer]

just like this sample

i can make


i cant make
-old people

my discord id


Vgen links

i stream at twitch

i am small, but i can assure the model quality!

You can inspect my works here
and the progress to no hiding also transparent!

Here are some of my works

Sadly due to all the scammers around these days commissions are no longer allowed on the forums: About the Avatars category

that was sad, to think the time to build the forum n stuff just gone like that bcs bot scam…, can i keep the post if i remove the tags?
should i post my Vgen to for legitimation?
also most of my commissions come from the forum, after its gone i am lacking visibility…, hardly get any soo i tried to post it here again oof :face_exhaling:

I don’t work for VRChat so I can’t speak in an official capacity for what you should do but from what I understand the rule is rather rigid. Not sure there’s much you can do in terms of changing the post or providing verification that will change that fact.

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thank you for informing me :purple_heart:, i was reminded after i meet with my client last night that she discover me from vrchat forum after randomly post and seeing my work, I do aware that its being put down, most my slot are from long time since it can take 2–3 months to works on it just to discover my post gone, i’l wait till i got contact with the staff if its turn down then alas, i’l find another way

also i stream my works, i hope its get pass, being small is hard already