Nofio Wireless VR Module for Valve Index - Feedback (WIP)

Hello everyone.

I wanted to make a thread about what i received recently.

This is the Nofio Module. A Wireless add-on for the Valve Index.

It allows me to play VR Games wirelessly but with the quality features of the Valve Index. So i can enjoy the high framerate, the field of vue, the speakers, the microphone, you know it.

Of course it also means the joy of having more batteries to charge. But for that i also have a EOZ pack with a spare battery that i can hot swap to keep play with very little annoyance.

I will start to use it every time now (of course, won’t unplug it each time i want to do long sessions), so i will update this thread with my experiences and feedback about it.

Edit: After a few days of use

From there this works especially well. I used it in various situations, chill worlds, action worlds, music worlds.

The quality is great and the video compression algorithm works pretty well… for the most part.
When you start to have some worlds with a lot of small details, it has a tendency of blurring everything. For example grass or a worlds with lots of small objects being in view. I also encountered some rare use cases where the algorithm mistaken some color contrasts to angular shapes, and by so pixelates then.

The weight distribution is good and balanced, but the inertia of it makes some movements a little awkward to do fast. I’ll wait to go in the VRDancing World to try it further.
I know that’s something i wouldn’t have with a Beyond but it would mean cable again, but it would definitely be more tight to my face.
Also I’ll add that the module being on the back of the headset makes the knob harder to grab, making fighting the headset to your face more tedious.

I’ll try to use it is more various use cases, needing more details, or more fluidity, depending on the situation.

Edit: After a few weeks of use

I have mixed feelings.

On one hand, the wireless experience is awesome. The freendom it gives you is not comparable to anything. It’s crazy and i want that every day.

But issues are still there, and let’s talk about the main one.
Game Controller Drift

Yep, you though that having your controller breaking wasn’t enough, well this doesn’t help.
As the data from your controllers flies through your headset, it has to be sent wirelessly in that case too.
But probably with reasons, the data isn’t send and your controllers go in some kind of sleep mode.
At first i though my controllers were dying, at least i checked the threads on the official discord. Thanks to them.

Then, the unsolvable red screen crashes.
From time to time, your wireless module will just, crash. Like unilaterally.

The issue is that when doing that, the wireless module can’t resolve itself.
Some crashes can happened from time to time, but usually it resolves itself after a few seconds. Or even sometimes you loose audio, re-pluging the DP cable is enough.

Here you will have no choice to restart the wireless module, but by doing that your SteamVR will fail and that will force you to restart it as well, making you close your game, probably VRChat.

That haven’t happened to me yet, but just imagine that happening when being at a very busy event and being forced to restart your game. :slightly_frowning_face:


I still love this module. It helped me a lot especially to Dance at VRDancing . I use it in all situations and it mostly never fail me. I’ll keep using it even more and will keep updating this threads with my discoveries and thoughts.

If you have questions or other feedback to add, please do.

Interested in your experience! I’ve heard some interesting things about the Nofio.

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Made my first edit after a bit of use.

Thank you for adding more open usage feedback of the Nofio.

As a fellow Nofio user. I am glad you are doing constant feedback as your time of use increases.

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I appreciate that @Narmicus
If you have some to share as well, feel free to, I will add it to the page.

Updated again. Mostly from my use in the last weeks.