New full body tracking is horrid for gogo dancing

So i’m a gogo dancer in Vrchat, and this new tracking system is so bad for me. I do very tight controlled hip rolls, without moving my chest (think Belly dancer). with this new system it rolls my chest counter clockwise to my hips and frankly looks like hot garbage. why is it moving my chest when my chest is not moving? I tried the suggested locking head and hips but then my avatars will stretch out of shape and looking like something from a nightmare, along with crunching my spine down like I got stomped on by mario. can we place please please have an option to go back to how things were before the update. My favorite thing to do in game was dance and now it has lost all joy for me.

That won’t happen. The dance animation needs to be overhauled.

The initial post seems to be talking about FBT, which looks at tracking data rather than animations

I get that, but if FBT gets updated and a script breaks that overrides tracked positions with an animation, then the script has to be updated

Wasn’t there an option to use the old IK in the settings?