Need Help setting up avatar

I want to merge 2 avatars in one so I can toggle between 2 becasue one is human avatar and other is furry counterpart, I want to them to use visemes simultaniously but I don’t know how to do it, since they both have separate mesh, and If I merge the mesh, then how will I toggle one at a time and it will probably break the rigging as well. Any workaround for this?

You can kinda hack it, although things might get weird.

You’d have to edit the armature so both avatars have a completely identical armature. Named the same, with the exact same hierarchy, in roughly the same physical layout.

From there, you can merge the two Armatures in Blender. You could alternately use VRCFury’s armature attach methods, I believe Modular Avatar has this too.

Do not bind the two armatures using constraints. That might be tempting, but that many constraints will be god-awful for performance.

Keep the meshes separate. You’d have a single armature with a Human mesh and a Furry mesh both skinned to the same armature.

Then, using AV3, turn off one mesh while the other renders, and vice versa. The performance cost of two skinned mesh renderers is trivial for this kind of application.

Visemes will be harder, since our native viseme controls only affect one renderer. I think you’d have to re-implement a viseme controller in a direct tree. Again, VRCFury can do this for you. You’d have to do the same with blinking, although eyelook should work fine.