NDMF / Modular Avatar Packages

Here you can find a list of some packages that can be used within the NDMF framework.

Here is a list but go on Github for the latest version.

Name Author Link Usage
Modular Avatar bd_ https://modular-avatar.nadena.dev Drag-and-Drop Avatar Assembly
Avatar Optimizer Anatawa12 Introduction | Avatar Optimizer (1.6.6) Non Destructive Avatar Optimization Utilities
Prefabulous Avatar Haï Prefabulous Avatar | Haï~ Automate invasive tasks in your personal avatar.
Animator As Code Haï Animator As Code V1 | Haï~ Write concise code to generate Avatars 3.0 Animators.
Vixen Haï ⭐ Vixen | Haï~ A Unity Editor tool that provides another approach to create interactive elements and toggles on your avatar.
NDMF Mantis LOD Editor Hitsub https://booth.pm/ja/items/5409262 A tool to decimate unity meshes at runtime.
TexTransTool ReinaS_64892 https://ttt.rs64.net/ Non-destructive modification of Texture
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