More social media links icons on vr profile

I see on vrchat profiles that you can refer some very usual social network links and they get icons and I wanted to suggest a few more. Feel free to do so in the thread as well along the way.

The ones I want to empathize are Mastodon and Misskey from the Fediverse universe.

But as they don’t have a standard URL, it my not work, I’m not sure if that is possible

After thinking about it. This is still a feature request that should be moved to the feedback website. I’ll keep it opened if people want to discus it more before I move it

a lot of us are youtubers, twitch streamers and even have twitter/X profiles as well as their discord server or telegram group. It’d definitely be useful to link all those together in the profile without having to use up the 512 character limit.

Do you use the description for that?
Because I was making this thread mostly for the links that you can add.

wouldn’t be twitch, YouTube or discord links be in this section instead?