Locomotion Keyboard Settings

I need to be able to change my locomotion settings from WASD to the directional keys. I’m a lefty and I feel more comfortable using my mouse left-handed, so that makes using WASD a little unwieldy. Can someone please tell me how to change it? Thank you!

This got me curious and I think I figured it out, but it’s non-intuitive as hell.

So, hit Esc and open your quick launch menu. On one side, either the left or the right, you should see what avatar you’re using and other things like your online status and any friends you have online.

Click your Status to open up your status window, but just close it. What you’ll see now is a WHOLE NEW menu on the bottom. Click the Settings ‘Gear’ and on the left side, you should see a ‘Controls’ option.

That should allow you to re-map things. There’s probably a direct way to get to this menu, but I don’t know what it is offhand.


I guess you can just click on your Avatar picture to open the bigger menu after all. That’s probably easier. :stuck_out_tongue: