Limited to USEast instances

VRChat ran smoothly up to 2/12/2024 with no issues occurring with network connectivity. I awoke and loaded into my homeworld just fine (Thankfully for the automatic region selection setting it to USEast) and loaded into a created friends+ instance and received a verify your connection and retry. It would loop trying to connect to the instance. Following a lot of personal troubleshooting I came to realize

I can only join USEast instances as of this moment.

I tried USWest, EU, and JPN, but this verify connection loop would occur. This severely limits me due to having many friendships established in the EU servers and if anyone can help I would be grateful. I already frustratingly asked the IT team of my University to restart the router, as I’ve dealt with this trend but with discord voice servers for a year and a half now but I digress due to irrelevance.

Can you try using a VPN? This sounds like a routing issue.