InputJump is acting incredibly odd

If not a “bug” the method could use better documentation.

I’m overriding InputJump so that I can tell when the “jump” button has been pressed. On the keyboard this will be the spacebar. It should (as far as I can tell) be called twice with a Boolean value passed in (and args). The Boolean indicates whether it is a keyDown or keyUp event.

The method is however called 10 times. Five times with the Boolean set to true and then 5 times with it set to false. The oddest part is that I have properties in the class and though nothing is changing them their values show up different in the InputJump method.

I have a value that tells me whether I am holding an object. I am not dropping the object while jumping and yet it can return false one several of these calls.

If someone would like to see it occur simply add a method override and log something in it and you should see 10 calls. This is making it very difficult to use the method.

With some help on the Discord we determined that it is because I have the script on 5 objects. As a result all 5 get called for each keyDown / keyUp. So the mystery is solved. Now I need to localize it some how.