I wrote my own raymarcher. I am getting mysterious draw order issues

So, I wrote my own raymarcher from scratch, because I could not find any existing working ones that had code that I could work with. It works with the environment fairly well.
Screenshot 2022-03-09 203559

However, when I test it within VRChat, using the valve index headset, I get these strange artifacts that I cannot capture screenshots of using the in-world camera. I had to take the screenshots of the view window itself:

What is going on, and how do I get this information to the shader so it doesn’t vanish behind these invisible things? The avatar itself even seems to produce a decoy which stencils out the shader. How do I modify the logic for draw order? This is just about the last place where I can ask this question. This is a realm that few devs ever touch, and, now that it’s VRChat-specific, it reduces the pool of people who can assist to maybe less than 5.

Does anyone use this forum?

it’s rather a late reply but just take a look at the state of a forum you are posting in.
you got a clear GUI here that allows you to see the replies on there threads.
practically this is a dead forum… besides
zoomers today use discord & reddit so
go back to where it will must suit you.