How has VRChat affected your self-identity

I need a source from a forum page for my college assignment, so I thought I’ll just ask the question myself. Sorry if I put this in the wrong category, I just made my account a few minutes ago as of writing this.

I’m working on how virtual worlds has an effect on how people view reality. The thing I’ll be focusing on is how it changes how people view themselves in the virtual world. I never had the chance to play VRChat myself, mainly because I hate social interactions.

So I’m curious as to how it changes how people view themselves. I mean there are so much avatars to choose from, one moment you can be Garfield and the next you could be the DoomSlayer. I understand that in the virtual world, you could feel a bit more free because you lose the restrictions of your meat-prison and put on anything you want.

Any answer helps,
Thank you.