Help with getting in to vrchat (mentally)

for a while I’ve been wanting to use vrchat, and now that I got off my mac and have a windows, I got to try it. I wanted it because it seemed like a place you can go to and drop your guard, make friends n’ all. However, whenever I’m on I feel anxious to use voice if people already aren’t so, though I’ve made a few friends that I feel comfortable with. The thing is I want to be able to go anywhere and just… talk. but I don’t feel comfortable with it, is it because I’m on desktop which makes some sort of mental barrier? something about the way I think? maybe I’m thinking too much


It can definitely be nerve-racking. Especially when you’re new. When I first started playing, I didn’t speak for months. But I found that after a while, getting familiar with the game, some world’s, I started to open up and it really helped with anxiety and being able to talk to new people

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I use Desktop mode almost all the time, I totally get the feeling you are describing. I however am a chatter box and just talk to almost anyone. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Turn your mic on and just talk, say Hi to people and see what comes out of it. One thing I would suggest, get a friend to tell you how your mic sounds is always helpful as that is usually the first bit of anxiety people have is “do I sound ok?” then you can adjust your mic volume accordingly.

Will use that tip Butterstuffs

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