Having trouble uploading avatar: Build and publish not working with no errors in console

Not sure if im just being silly but ive tried a few things and nothing is working for me. New to all of this and bought this avatar, can’t find an answer for my issue online.

You don’t seem to have issues on the SDK, but can you look at the console, see if there anything unusual ?

Don’t see anything

now that’s unusual. That’s the case when you build and test ?

Same thing, nothing happens.
Not sure if this is normal, but there are two here, no differences it seems.

Oh, can you look at all the object in the hierarchy, you probably have two components having a descriptor, and the sdk shits itself

Not sure if these help, there are two bodies though.

The main bit has two descriptors though

It should not, remove one of them and see

Still nothing

I deleted the second of these two

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fixed it somehow