Group Deletion and Re-Creation

i created 3 groups,
one never took off and never grows, i want to delete it.
can i re-create it after i deleted it or do i lose the ability to create new groups?

Groups are so new I think you should test it. Undisclosed limitation is a bug.

if i do, i can’t go back.

“let’s find out for for science!”? no, this is something that a developer may know already…

i won’t have any refund… you know…

the group is currently called Louis Vuitton, i’m perfecting the graphics, the background is way too big

Only reason I can see for you to not be able to make a new 3rd group is if the database keeps the deleted group for a certain amount of time and that orphaned group is causing the count to be three when the code is checking if you can create a group or not. But again, undisclosed limitation is a bug, in code or outward facing language.

i did not try yet

if i try i may not be able to go back