Full nody tracking request

hi i have a other request also. I would like you to put in your next updates full body tracking functions without the need for trackers. tank and write me also to say what you think about it too. tank you again

I understand the desire to have FBT. Heck, I’ve spent way too much on having every point tracked, so I understand.

Unfortunately, hardware is required to enable FBT. The only possibility of a tracker free system requires HMD/headset manufactures to develop that system and then provide the tracking data to VRC.

Unless you mean SlimeVR (or similar WiFi/Bluetooth IMU solutions) directly on the Quest, then yes, please devs!!! This would make travel so much less cumbersome. Just my DIY slimevr set and a quest 2. Yes please!!

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thanks for the information. I will talk to my vr headset company to suggest they put a full body tracking system without trackers as it might be easier for Vrchat. Tank you again and I’m sorry for this problem

yes please i want diy slimevr full body tracking trackers with 4xl straps. do you have this ?

I do not work for VRChat, or SlimeVR, so I have no influence or ability to implement changes or to sell products. Unfortunately, a VR capable pc is required for FBT at the current time. Hopefully this will change in the future, but there are no guarantees that it will come any time soon.

There are inexpensive tracker-less options, that unfortunately are a little lacking in capability and ease of use (Driver4VR). I personally don’t recommend those options unless your big into DIY, and are looking for a challenge in getting a reliable and smooth tracking experience. https://www.driver4vr.com/

If you wanted to order IMU based FBT, to use with a VR capable PC the following options are what I know are available.

The earliest SlimeVR will ship is November, but I’m unsure if new orders will be grouped into the same delivery window. SlimeVR Full-Body Tracker | Crowd Supply

Depending on where you live, the HaritoraX by shiftall, might be an option. They’re available for pre-order here (unsure of ship date): HaritoraX - Shiftall Inc.

With all that said, I’m going to turn off notifications for this post, so this is likely my last message on the subject. Have a nice day and I hope you get to utilize some form of FBT in the near future; it really is a wonderful technology.

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VRChat listens to tracking data that SteamVR provides, so VRChat naturally supports what SteamVR supports, whatever portion of SteamVR VRChat supports (tracking points for full body, fingers for sure), and it’s pretty open, if you search enough you can find any obscure tracking solutions for SteamVR, including virtual once that don’t require hardware.

For example Kinect support is something made for SteamVR and VRChat just inherently supports that. Virtual desktop sends finger tracking data from Quest hand tracking and it not something made specifically for VRChat but SteamVR.

So lot of things can be done just by looking for stuff for SteamVR, so try to retarget your search for that.

You can also fake lot of what you can do with FBT via animations + playspace mover, 3.0 avatrs let you disable portion of IK like legs and you can position it with animation and position yourself with place space mover. Some custom locomotion solutions provide this kind of hacks, so thats another way of doing it. bah just changing crouch and prone animation can give you bit of FBT-like expirance.