Friends go on and off of my list

So I’ve ran into a problem where I’ll get in be chat and for about 30 seconds I’ll see one of my friends in a world I’m allowed to join. However if I back out of the social tab and reopen they disappear. I tried restarting the oculus and be chat separately but it keeps happening. I’ve also attempted joining just for it to happen again. I reached out and they said they haven’t blocked me so I’m not sure what’s happening. Any thoughts?

I’ve gotten into a habit of having the VRChat home page open whenever I’m in VRChat, mainly so I can properly see when someone is loading a world as in game it’ll say they’re in a private world while they are in flight.

I haven’t had any issue with just one person, but I’ve had VRChat occasionally decide to show me nobody online in the in-game friends list, while I’m hanging out with friends.

By off your list do you mean that you see them go private, or completely off your list?