F-16A/B-15 models for my group: 606th TFS sky wolves

Hello, I have been thinking about my group the 606th TFS sky wolves and the F-16 models that might be in my group. The models in question are the F-16A/B-10 (block 10) and F-16A/B-15 (block 15) that will be the main F-16 models for the 606th TFS. they may not be the best F-16 models than the F-16C/D-50 and the F-16C/D-52, but those F-16A/B models were the planes I grew up in the Netherlands.

Current Aircraft:



Both of these aircraft will be out fitted with a parapack tail of the F-16XL.

F-CK-1 Cockpit design for my F-16A/B-15.


606th TFS sky wolves world.

I hope you enjoyed this topic.

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