Error when trying to upload avatar

Error logs:

Hey I’m getting a sudden error when trying to upload an avatar. I’ve uploaded avatars before without an issue, and even in this same project have uploaded the avatar a couple weeks ago (I want to reupload it to modify some things.)

Here are some things I’ve tried:

  • I’ve tried making a new project with the original avatar file and I get the same error as I do in my original project.

  • I’ve tried detaching the blueprint ID

  • I’ve tried reinstalling the VRChat Creator Companion

  • I tried using the beta version of SDK 3.5

  • I tried reuploading an optimized version of my avatar. This randomly worked once, then never again. It gives the same exact error. I also tried it in new projects and tried detaching the blueprint ID for this version too.

I should add that I can test the avatars without issue. The issue is in uploading them to VRChat.

It also doesn’t consistently fail uploading in the same percentage every time. It usually fails at 10-11%, but sometimes it gets as high as 40-something% before failing. There’s also that one time it didn’t fail to upload with the optimized avatar.

Lastly I suspect that the issue might have something to do with the HTTP requests to the VRChat API, which again is weird because it was working late last month for me and as far as I know there haven’t been any updates.

Unity project version: 2022.3.6f1
VRChat SDK version: 3.5

That seems very odd indeed. Are you maybe uploading within a place where internet isn’t really stable like a school or a public wifi, where the perturbations muy break internal stuff in the sdk process?

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You know that usually isn’t a problem so it didn’t occur to me, but just now I was having connection issues in a different game and I switched from the 5G wifi to the regular wifi and stopped having issues. I check on here and see your comment… I tried it with the regular wifi and it worked even though both of the wifis show me 5 bars lmao. Gotta love comcast. Thanks.

That can be due to lots of things. Wifi could have issues too if you are in a dense area with lots of wifi fighting each other. But I’m glad I helped :tada:

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