Developer Update - 9 November 2023

I noticed the patch notes for the mic fade mode, would it be possible to have the opposite as an option? The mic icon to be invisible when muted (for cases of intentional long-term muting without wanting to have to disable the hud entirely), but have the mic visible when talking? The benefit is an indicator to be sure that vrchat is hearing you as expected (many variables can cause failure to transmit), but it’s obnoxious to just be always present; one of the popular mods from back in the day had this behaviour. Having it not show at all when unmuted means you can’t always be sure if vrchat is actually hearing you speak. A lot of people are disabling the feature now because of this. – Ideal if you ask me and people i’ve talked to: fade out mute, invisible unmute and the opacity of the not talking unmute for when talking.

The “impostors” system is gonna be an odd one for sure, considering the impostors, from the examples, look quite awful. It would be nice to have them able to be fallbacks for avatars that are far away though, like 60m+ (this would also make them behave more similar to actual impostor systems in the industry as well).

Like all of them are rendered as one batch, or one call per impostor? Are they skinned meshes, or basic mesh puppets with instancing? Because the diamonds should be instanceable, meaning i’d imagine they’d have the edge, but the difference should be negligible if the impostors are not skinned meshes. A few extra draw calls you aren’t going to notice if the materials are light weight.
@zexc they aren’t streamed, they’re baked into maps as pseudo-light-fields i think; that’s why you have to queue it on the website. you’d still have to download a couple mb for the texture though i imagine.

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I would assume they’re all one instanced mesh using the same material, which is the requirement anyway for them all to be only one draw call. As for the type of mesh, I don’t think they’re skinned as while they move, none of them deform. unless my understanding is wrong here.

One of the things I relied on with the previous way the Microphone icon worked was that it would help me know when my voice was being picked up by my microphone. With the icon no longer showing up when I speak, I no longer have a way to know if I’m speaking with the way this change is done. And my only way to know is to activate a feature that makes it so the icon has to ALWAYS be on, which is the opposite of ideal. This change is awful.


Agreed 100%. The way it works (or rather, doesn’t), makes zero sense whatsoever. It was fine when it faded out after I wasn’t talking for a while, but not being able to see if it’s sensing my speech is very frustrating and needs to be fixed.

Hello VRChat official team,

I am a player from mainland China, and I am delighted to see the release of the PICO version of VRChat. At the same time, I have noticed that the current version does not have copyright verification enabled. (APKs with copyright verification enabled cannot be used in regions without installation permission or in regions where it has not been officially launched. Even if it is free, the system will force quit.) Currently, VRChat runs smoothly in mainland PICO system.

Many people in my fan community are concerned about this, wondering if VRChat will enable copyright verification in the future. I hope you can provide me with a response. If copyright verification is to be implemented in the future, I will guide my fans to switch their PICO systems to the overseas version through offline upgrades. (This is relatively simple, but it will result in the loss of warranty in mainland China. However, they have expressed their willingness to do so at any cost for the sake of playing VRChat.)

Thank you for your attention.

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But what if I want to use Impostors for all my avatars but use fallback for main avatar

The new fade out behavior is really bad. Why have the indicator if you’re not gonna show it? I genuinely though my game or my mic were broken for a good half an hour.

Great update. Impostors yees finally. Now I might interact with Quest plebs. And I gotta submit both video and poster for NYE VRCNE. I hope in the future that this network will expand.

No link to full patch notes or am I derping?

I am not VRC staff but I believe I can give you a satisfactory answer.
I believe what you mean to say is by “copyright verification” is known as “region locking” . The prevention of using software outside of designated nations or regions.

VRChat has not restricted any region yet and likely does not plan to in the near future. It is evident that support is desired by even allowing community translations for Chinese.

As long as government meddling does not occur, VRC will likely stay available region-free

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Copyright verification is one of the functions of PICO’s SDK. When developing UNITY programs using PICO’s SDK, copyright verification is enabled by default. It is evident that VRChat has manually disabled this copyright verification feature, possibly only for the convenience of testing before official release.

Region locking is a later addition to PICO’s features. Previously, copyright verification could only be used to check if your account had purchased content available in the currently selected region. It did not check for content in other regions, creating an issue where individuals in one region could freely access cracked versions of software from other regions. With the introduction of region locking, even free software in other regions cannot be used.

I wanted to know if there is an update on the development of Udon 2? I am eager to kickoff a big project of my own for a VRChat “Game” world and would like to build that out of pure C# instead of UdonSharp. Cheers!

With the new mic icon behavior I can’t tell anymore if I’m muted or not. I have to constantly press the mute button just to check.


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I’m really interested in helping test beta versions of VR Chat on the Pico 4, particularly with the motion trackers as I have them from the Blitz Rhythm Beta. If it’s possible to get involved who do I reach out to?

I have a question when will vrchat be on google play store

Has it been acknowledged that something is up re: using the Quest left thumbstick press on the latest version? I use it for a pop-up UI menu and it worked reliably until the latest update and now I’m forced to click it “several dozen times” typically and I’ve counted as many as 100.

I reported a failing controller to Meta but then discovered it does this on my Quest 2, Quest 3 with standard controllers and now with the Pro controllers. It isn’t the controllers are far as I can tell.

Please address the amount of worlds that have been broken due to this recent 2022 conversion. I see nothing about it in this devlog unless I’m blind.