Developer Update - 1 February 2024

Very nice to see groups getting a bit more love! Would it be possible to additionally get a permission to determine who is able to drop portals (or at least unlocked portals) in group instances as well? I think this would be beneficial for group moderators so they can maintain control over instances they own

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I remember you devs pushing us to update our projects to Unity 2022 because you’d have big tech announcements after New Year’s, any updates about that?

I’m loving the newer Unity. 2019 refused to accept input when I’m in VR, and when I build avatars it will lag out my PC so bad my VR headset goes black.

With 2022 I can poke around in unity and build avatars while I’m in VRChat

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but with the release of Meta’s inside-out upper body tracking and leg estimation, is there any word on potential support at some point? It would be really great to see, even if it comes at a performance cost when enabled.

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If you mean the ability to refine searches, tracked here, then I have good news - we should have a fix for it coming during this open beta (2024.1.1) :)

Oh sweet, now I don’t have a code a last call system into Sunset. Thanks vrc team :3

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Just to clarify:
Instance creators, group members with the permission, and world creators can close off any instance type except for “Public”?

Yes to instance creators and group members with permission

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All looks good. No complaints. :+1:

Woo, finally my finger contacts wont break when I change worlds

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