Community Update - 21 September 2020

Hello all! Time for another Community Update.

Join the VRChat Team

Interested in joining the VRChat team? We’re actively looking to fill a few roles. For those who have already applied, we are slowly working through all of these applications - thanks for your patience! Our application review process is still early and as a result response times may be long! We’re working on getting you feedback earlier.

Visit our Careers page to learn more.

VRChat 2020.3.3

Release 2020.3.3 is live! It includes video players for SDK3, new Udon API hooks and various other tweaks. We’re excited to see all the new video player worlds being built in SDK3!

Upcoming Patches

There are some small outstanding issues with VRChat 2020.3.3 that we plan on addressing with upcoming patch releases. Assuming we don’t run into any issues during testing, these are some (but not all) of the issues we plan on addressing in upcoming patches:

If you encounter other issues, ensure that you vote on the post on our Feedback boards in the appropriate section. If you can’t find a post for the issue you’re reporting, make one! As always, we greatly appreciate any bug reports or feedback that you wish to provide.