Community Update - 11 May 2020

Welcome to the second Community Update!


We’re continuing to interview candidates for the Community Support role.

We’re also still on the lookout for the Server Engineer, QA, and Graphic Designer positions!

VRChat 2020.2.1

The Release team is pushing towards VRChat 2020.2.1, set for release hopefully this week, depending on BOOGS. :bug::ant::spider:

Check out the 2020.2.1 Open Beta release notes!

Please test the Open Beta and report issues on our Feedback boards. If you want to learn how to use our Open Beta, check out the #open-beta-info channel on our Discord.

Feature Team

The Feature team continues to move full speed ahead, hitting exciting milestones. Avatars 3.0, the Action Menu, and the New UI all made significant progress this past week.

VRChat Quest Avatars

We’ve made exciting progress on the “everybody is robots on Quest” problem! Will keep you posted as we have more to share.