Can't Hear Players

Did a fresh install of VRChat to a new pc, ran it for the first time, and can’t hear anyone.
I have audio in game for everything except players, and I’m not sure what to do? Nothing i’ve seen within google has seemed to work. If anyone has any possible solutions i’d be more than happy to hear them out! Thanks a bunch.

Make sure Visual C++ Redistributable is installed
Note: This link will start a download when you click it.

If you don’t trust that then you can get the same link from Microsoft’s official page.

VRC uses unity, which uses C#, not C++.
The only thing required is DirectX, source: Are there any required redistributables for a Unity game? – Unity

Anyway, this issue usually pops up because of either of 2 reasons:

  1. Nahimic incompatibility, Nahimic has known compatibility issues with unity, it’s the driver system used for a couple sound devices, and the easiest fix is killing the nahimic service in taskmanager.

  2. Incorrect default audio device. VRC uses your default playback device for audio. Make sure this is set correctly or else you’ll have no audio.

  3. SteamVR messing with things. If you have SteamVR installed, even when not in VR mode, it’ll try routing your audio to your VR Headset. A quick way to check this is to enable audio mirroring in steamvr’s settings and changing the output to see what works.

If you’re this confident it’s not required then you might want to inform VRChat to not tell users to install Visual C++ Redistributable to fix possible issues with audio.

And at the bottom of that link it says the following.

If you can still hear world sounds but not any voices, please try installing the following file (Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redist):

It’s because a lot of games require visual c++. so it’s essentially become the default recommendation to install.

Unless vrc themselves wrote an entire audio subsystem that runs outside of unity (which I doubt) or unity’s own requirements are wrong (which I doubt even more) the only reason to install vc++ would be for SteamVR, which it should be installing itself anyway…