Can I disable the flashing part of the laser that comes out of the controller in the menus?

Usually I don’t get too sick in VR but the laser that comes out of the controllers in the menus keeps flashing in my face and makes it very nauseating to navigate the menu, the laser itself is not the issue just the start and end points of it with the flashing ball effect.

I tried navigating the menus to look for an option that would do this but I couldn’t find it and gave up. I tried looking online for a solution but I couldn’t find that either.
I’m using WMR so I need to have the controller mostly within view to use it properly.
I wasn’t sure where to post this, I apologise if I have done it in the wrong place.

We can’t disable it, but they are working on a new UI that does have a new laser pointer (in the version that was shown on stream)