Bizarre issue where all avatars have the right arm sticking out? Happens with Quest & Quest Pro, on PC and standalone, and with & without FBT

This issue is driving me NUTS. It used to never happen and one day it started. This happens with ALL avatars, so it is not an issue with an avatar I created. The pictures attached also show the default robot, as an example.

Things tested:

  • Both PC version and Quest standalone version exhibit this issue
  • Different room play spaces
  • Reset guardian and factory reset devices
  • Tried 2 separate headset both PC and standalone, a Quest Pro and a Quest 2
  • Tried with FBT and in half body
  • Tried with legacy and 2.0 IK.
  • Tried avatar measurement with arms and with height.
  • Confirmed using SteamVR and Oculus Dash that the controller is lined up, and hands in game line up with my controllers, exactly as expected.
  • Tried VRChat beta and live version.
    Tried using a different VRChat account.

All of these cases exhibit this issue. I can’t find anyone of my friends who have this issue. It looks awful and more often than not it gets worse and looks like my arm is being held out or behind me. I haven’t found a single workaround for this situation. I just cannot wrap my head around it.

I really really hope someone can help with this. It is absolutely awful and I am out of ideas.

I appreciate the help!