Bhaptics support

I’m trying to get my bhaptics vest to work with VRChat and the OSC documentation says to use HerpDerpinstine’s but he doesn’t work on his anymore because he got banned, and it just doesn’t work I’m getting all kinds of issues. The thing is $500 and for it to not work is just extremely depressing. I’ve spent hours googling and I can’t find anything this is my last ditch effort to try and find some help.

Can you link what you are talking about?

The project suggests checking in with bhaptics discord, it’s been 6 months since it was archived, maybe someone has picked it up?

Does it work with other games maybe? If you get with people interested maybe you collect enough brain cells to write some code…

I’m going to try to run thru this best I can and as detailed as possible. There are 2 different situations here that I think you may be trying. There are also 2 primary links you will need one is Hai av3 as code which can be obtained here GitHub - hai-vr/av3-animator-as-code: 🚧🚧🚧 MIGRATION IN PROGRESS. THIS REPOSITORY IS UNDERGOING A MAJOR CLEANUP, FORCE PUSH WILL BE USED ON WIP BRANCHES. Write concise code to generate Avatars 3.0 Animators. Please join the Discord for feedback! (see README)
and the other one is herpderps osc and the sdk which can be obtained here: GitHub - HerpDerpinstine/bHapticsOSC: Application to allow the bHaptics Player to interface over OSC

some other key notes is in the documentation on herpderps github can help you with guide can be found here: Home · HerpDerpinstine/bHapticsOSC Wiki · GitHub

Situation 1: You are simply trying to get you haptics vest to work in vrchat while using a public haptics avatar. If this is the case as long as you have both HerpDerpinstines OSC and bhaptics player running it should theoretically work if the public avatar is set correctly.

Situation 2: This is the situation I feel you are running into trouble with. In this situation I assume you are trying to upload an avatar you bought and are attempting to integrate haptics on it in unity. Unfortunately as of the unity 2022 update for vrchat Hai who does the AV3 as code is currently doing a migration and cleanup to make the code better and work in unity 2022. This means that as it stands using the new repository version on there github will just break your project in unity in terms of haptic setup.

with this all said I can’t really offer much help other than to see if you can get a hold of an older copy of the AV3 as code and use a unity 2019 project.

Maybe the main branch works with 2019? GitHub - hai-vr/av3-animator-as-code at main 2 years old, maybe it’s right thing to use.