Base avatar with swappable outfits?

Can someone point me to some tutorials that show you how to make a base avatar but with swappable outfits? I have just been making a new version of an avatar for every new outfit. I’ve seen some booth models do this but I’m still a bit lost on how its done.
Specifically the menu part. Would I have to make a whole menu for every clothing item in one?
I can’t make a new menu every time there’s a new outfit, it’s driving me nuts.

an example of what I mean How to Add Clothing to BOOTH Models in Unity || VRChat Unity Avatar Tutorial - YouTube

You can do a YouTube search for ‘VRChat add clothing’ and find a bunch of tutorials of folks adding clothing items to their avis as well as how to build the menus to toggle the pieces on and off.

Here’s one to get you started:

HtH! :carrot: