Avatars Being Rescaled After New Update

I host weekly events and tonight’s event had a lot of issues with the new update that was pushed today (2023.4.1p3). When performing certain actions, such as using the seat functionality, or being put into animations in a world, both mine and my friends’ avatars would be inexplicably sized up (while the cameras and trackers remained at the same height).

Occasionally, this would only be per-client, such as it appearing that way for one of the quest users present, while the desktop users all saw a regularly-sized avatars. Most of the time, this resulted in the affected user having to rejoin the instance in order to fix their scaling (resetting avatar only worked sometimes, and the scaling functionality didn’t work at all). This is an issue with both full-body and half-body users’ avatars,


I encountered same issue with the latest update. With sitting or animation within the world will cause the avatar size up like double the size at least. I have been using the same avatar for the past 2 months and nothing happen. If I choose an older revision of my avatar, it works. I had also tested updating all Unity component of my avatar to the latest version within CC and yield the same issue. so this VRchat update must have something conflict with their own SDK.

A friend and I were encountering this last night on the newest beta as well! It wouldn’t let us reset our size unless we reset our avatars completely. Honestly thought it was just the world until it kept happening.

Kindly check your file very well

You can look through your avatar or make sure to checkout your file you can d!scord me @erling_vr

I am having this same problem whenever my avatar engages with a world interaction. Then, today, an avatar sat on my horse avatar to ride it and they blew up large, too. I thought it might be some sort of avatar virus I was causing

VRChat devs are aware of the bug.

There is actually two bugs involving stations under trending.

I personally haven’t been effected as my avatar doesn’t use Write Defaults, still fun to see…

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