Audio streaming solutions - microphone, twitch in game player

i just got on vrchat last night for my first time. it was a blast

I wanted to ask about audio streaming solutions (output from a dj controller). Does anybody know what the bitrate or quality is of the in game microphone? I streamed my audio through serato to a virtual audio cable, which i selected as my mic in vrchat. I don’t know how good that sounded for other people.

Right now it seems most clubs are using twitch streams with an in game player. Twitch streams add like 4 seconds of lag. There should be a solution to take one user’s audio input and play it in high quality for everyone in the world, maybe outputting from speakers in world

I do it with Voice meeter connected to my serato and play though my mic. have to fiddle with the audio output to VRchat so it doesn’t blast ears but it works and sounds pretty good. Sadly I have no idea what the ms lag is though.