Audio and avatar issues

To start I will state that I use a Quest 2.
After being in a world for a few minutes my audio stops working. I can do everything else except hear, and I know people are talking because their tag lights up to signify they are but I get nothing as well as any in game audio such as music or videos playing is also gone. This can quickly be fixed by closing VR chat and reopening the game but as I said, it’s a short fix as it happens again after a few more minutes of being in the world. If I choose to ignore the problem and just go about being deaf eventually avatars/ other players start to disappear.

I have tried joining other worlds, and closing the game to see if it was just a specific world and it is VR chat as a whole not my quest. I have tried deleting and reinstalling VR chat, turning off and on my headset, looking at my settings, checking to see if the app needs an update and nothing fixes this problem. Please help me :(

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I can’t answer the question but a friend of mine (yesterday) couldn’t hear other people though we could hear her just fine. I know in her case this was “new and unusual” but in your case nobody is certain.

If it isn’t in the FAQ or some readme file a generalized (but not too formal) format for reporting problems might help. The version of VRC you are using for instance but this isn’t that important as you should have the most recent version.

The headset brand/model as you wrote is important and I think when did you first notice the issue. The solution would depend upon whether you have had this happen for a month or two or whether it started the day you received the update.

I’m having the same issue and the same with my other friends. I have a quest 2 and they have a quest 3. I normally have to leave VRchat or restart my quest to get it working. Not sure why or what’s going on but it’s very weird and can be annoying…