Assorted Tips with Trixxed

This is partially a rehosting of my page on VRCLibrary, I do not have every tip from there listed here, mostly just the short and sweet ones I believe everyone can benefit from or find some use in.

Nesting Parameters

You can nest parameters by naming it along the lines of “ParentParameter/ChildParameter” to nest parameters inside each other like so. Helps a ton when you have a large amount of parameters. Nesting can also be done on the shapekeys of a model.



Avatar Menu Text Formatting

Avatar menus support Rich Text formatting, which can be used to further customize your avatar menus.

an example of how the above will look in-game:
You can see the documentation of what you can use here:
Note that not all tags will work.

Open Multiple Scenes at Once

Have multiple variations of one avatar strewn across multiple scenes? Do you need to copy something from your main version of that avatar to all those variations? Tired of swapping scenes constantly? or do you want to have multiple lighting setups to see what your avatar looks like in various lighting? (I recommend Hai’s Lightbox Viewer for that btw)
Do I have just the thing for you!

You can have multiple scenes open at once by right-clicking any scene file in your projects window and clicking “Open Scene Additive”

You’ll now have two scenes open at once!

Note: If you have lights in both scenes, both will be used. If you have a Directional Light in each scene, the lighting will be very bright, turn off one of them in a scene to avoid this.

Blender: Active Zero Weight Overlay

When weightpainting in Blender, everything that isn’t weighted will be represented by blue, unfortunately, this can cause issues as some parts will be ever so slightly weighted and hard to see. You can turn on “Zero Weights > Active” in the Viewport Overlays to turn all zero-weight vertices to black instead, improving visibility.

Blender: Bone Groups

In Pose Mode you can create color coded groups of bones to easily make selections and make it easier visually to distinguish bones!

I highly recommend making sure that you keep your model in a .blend file to work on separately from the .FBX! It can help in preventing screw-ups and losing progress. Bone Groups are not saved when exported as an .fbx.

This can be done in Pose Mode by going to Armature and going to Bone Groups
Here you can create/remove new bone groups by clicking the + or - to assign a set of bones to a group, select all the bones you want, and click Assign with the group you want them added to highlighted. Typically, I keep the main rig that VRChat uses in one bone group, and group bones by what they’re for. It makes it easier for editing and selecting a bunch of bones at once by selecting Select .


I didn’t know about the parameter nesting, that’s super useful!

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