About c# & udonsharp

the class and struct can`t use by udon?

it can be defined but cannot be instantiated.
when I instantiated The “Character” class:
Character chara = new Character();
udon will throws an error: “The method or operation is not implemented.”

i`m not sure is my fault or it is just that.

I don’t believe Character is a class in Unity. You might be wanting CharacterController. Although the constructor for this isnt exposed to Udon.

If Character is a custom class that you have written, I dont believe Udon can do this, instead you will need to follow my instructions below but with your custom class. Note that if you want to create multiple objects at runtime that are synced across the network, you will need to use object pools.

There are many C# classes, methods and properties that sadly arent accessible from udon at this point, which is kinna sad. From my experience it doesn’t seem like most constructors are exposed. Ive ran into it many times working on maps, its super annoying :<

If you go to the top menu VRChat SDK -> Udon Sharp -> Class Exposure Tree you can see all things accessible/exposed to udon. With the latest VRC SDK, it doesn’t seem new CharacterController() is exposed :(

Fetching from current GameObject

If CharacterController is what you are looking for, then instead of creating one at runtime which you cant do, instead you could try create it in the editor, and get the existing one at runtime.

On the GameObject with your script, add a CharacterController component. Then in your code you can do something like this

CharacterController chara = GetComponent<CharacterController>();

Creating new from instanced prefab

Or if you really need to create a CharacterController at runtime (which I highly discourage due to the fact that there is no network syncing). You could instead create a new GameObject with just the character component added, and save it as a prefab by dragging it into the project tab.

Then in your script you can instantiate this prefab by using the following code:

public class CharacterControllerInstancer : UdonSharpBehaviour {
  public GameObject characterPrefab;

  public CharacterController New() {
    GameObject instance = Instantiate(characterPrefab);
    return instance.GetComponent<CharacterController>();

Ive found this approach to be useful if you are creating client side things like lists of UI items.

frist thanks you reply.

Looks like custom class is impossible in Udon.
Im trying other ways to do what i want on my World.