A millennial vrchat newb

hello! i’m finally, after all these years of wanting to try it, trying vrchat. i started my brain journey with psvr… but someone let me use their occulus rift and i was hooked. i only have a quest 2 but i’m in love~

anyway, i don’t exactly know what i’m doing. it reminds me of second life and palace chat, both of which i loved, but everytime i go to a world it’s filled with tween boys being annoying. i understand the silly avatars are a big part of the point, lol. i looove the cute ones.

anyway, i love cute things and would love to find some cute worlds and friends that are females in my age group lol. or events and worlds that you think i’d be interested in… as well as any tips for my age group. second life had like a whole community with events, jobs, etc. all of that stuff is fun to me, especially now with the rona life.

i’m married so i don’t tend to spend time talking to guys i don’t know AT ALL and want nothing romantic but as friends, sure.

my username is missusagi