Why is VRChat ignoring reports for missing content tags?

Ever since Content Gating was introduced and the ability to report missing tags was implemented, I’ve reported many avatars and worlds missing them and I haven’t seen a single one of these corrected, even ones reported many months ago.

Why is VRChat not investigating these reports like they claim to be? When you make a report, it says the moderation team will be investigating it shortly, why is this not happening?

I don’t think it’s right to force inappropriate content onto others against their will. Please make this a higher priority, because it feels to me like VRChat doesn’t care at all about user safety as it relates to NSFW and other inappropriate content. :-1:


I have also had the experience of finding previous avatars that have been reported by me for improper use of the tagging system. Only to find out that nothing has been done about it. It does feel bad going through that, and it kind of discourages reporting any misuse further.

And I don’t even blame the avatar creators for malicious use. Most of the time, I believe it is simply ignorance on their part. There are so many avatars in this game, after all, and a lot of them have been forgotten by their creators.

I think reporting on these issues should be much more effective while also having pretty much no consequences for the avatar creator.
E.g. Avatar is sexually suggestive but not marked as such. A person reports it so, and it should simply turn the tag on without affecting the creator’s account. Sending an automated message encouraging the usage of the tagging system would be beneficial if they don’t know about it.

What about using the report system with malicious intent? I.e. A group of people mass-reporting someone’s avatar.
In this case, the avatar author should easily be able to dispute the claims. This is when a moderator should take a look and check if it’s actually correct or not.
It also gives information about the group that mass reported maliciously.

I think a more ideal solution would be to not enforce the tag when reported by groups of people but to just only send a a one time (or at least have a long cooldown) alert to suggest to the creator to tag the content. Then content with a high volume of reports of missing tags would be flagged for review if the creator didn’t add a tag in a certain timeframe.