What should non-English native speakers be aware of when submitting to Creator Hub?

In the Feedback forum, if English was not the native language, the content in the native language before machine translation was also included at the same time.
(I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I think I saw somewhere that if you do that, machine translation is not a problem…)

Has the policy changed for submissions to Creator Hub as well? In other words, in the case of machine translation, is it sufficient if the original text is also mentioned at the same time?

Translation: DeepL

Feedback forumでは英語が母国語ではない場合機械翻訳する前の母国語での内容も同時に記載していました。

Creator Hubへの投稿についても方針は変わっていませんか?つまり機械翻訳の場合は原文も同時に記載すれば十分ですか?


I like seeing both, I don’t understand japanese, but if the MTL is bad (can be random) then someone can comment on it if it’s bad.

The language we prefer for the forum is English, so please use MTL. However, it is OK to post the original text too!

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What is MTL? Machine TransLation?
This is a word that the person who will read this, that is, a non-English speaker, could not understand.

Yeah, MTL is short form of Machine TransLation. Whoops. I’ve seen the term enough I thought it would machine translate.

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I’ll do my best to provide a detailed response for this.
(Cross cultural communication is currently something I’m looking in to)

To answer your question.

I personally do recommend to include the original text/intent of your question. There are other users here that also read your post. If things seriously derailed during the translation then they will chime in and provide you with feedback. Don’t be afraid of these situations!

The order is as far I can see not really important in short messages. But since English is the first language used, I would recommend to always start with English.

In terms of other things you should be aware of when submitting content to the Creator Hub:

Be aware of your own cultural background, and the culture of the target audience you are trying to adres.

Most readers on this form will most likely prefer a “Direct Communication”.

This means your submitted content (feedback/questions/proposals) should be constructed in short and precise sentences.

For example, in case of an issue with VRChat : Start with a simple explanation of the problem. If possible, point briefly to what you think is the issue. If possible, provide a solution or workaround. And for the remainder of the message you can start explaining the problem in detail.

(Benefit with this approach. Even if your detailed explanation gets mistranslated somewhere down the line, the short explanation should bring the message across.)

On this forum there is a culture of “Low Power Distance”.

This means that a response from VRChat is more likely to come from the person that is capable and available over that of the most suitable person in the organisation.

This also means that others are more likely to provide feedback publicly on things that didn’t go as expected.

Don’t be afraid to ask directly for clarification or additional information.

In general, be patient and don’t be afraid of these situations. See this is a learning opportunity.

— TL : DeepL —



個人的には、質問の原文/意図を含めることをお勧めします。 あなたの投稿を読んでいる他のユーザーもいます。もし翻訳中に事態が深刻に脱線した場合、彼らはあなたに意見をくれるでしょう。このような状況を恐れないでください!


その他、Creator Hubにコンテンツを投稿する際に気をつけるべきことがあります:


このフォームのほとんどの読者は、「Direct Communication」を好む可能性が高いです。



(この方法の利点。 詳細な説明がどこかで誤訳されたとしても、短い説明でメッセージが伝わるはずです)。

このフォーラムには「Low Power Distance」という文化がある。