VRChat Slider not Working

I tried to make a slider in Unity for my VRChat world but in play testing, I cannot interact with the slider at all. The eventsystem is on, I have no other objects in front of the canvas that could be hindering it. For some reason, the event system gameobject’s eventsystem component gets disabled and runtime for some reason, but even after I enable it manually, slider doesn’t work
I need help debugging this


Could you try adding the VRC Ui Shape to the canvas object instead of your slider? IIRC only the canvas should have one of those components.

Did that, still doesn’t work

Damn, seems like something else in your setup might be wrong.
I would suggest following Vowgans tutorial on how to set up a UI and make it work with Udon!

I followed the whole thing step by step

I think you are looking at the back side of the slider. You can only interact with a canvas in one direction.

I believe it could have something to do with your Slider Game Object being set to the Ignore Raycast Layer. Usually, objects set to this layer will completely ignore the player’s cursor/pointer. Try setting the Slider’s Game Object to the Default Layer instead.

I have tested this and this is not the issue. Ignore Raycast will only ignore Physics raycasts with default layer settings.

Tho using that layer on this object is not recommended.