VRChat face tracking on Meta Quest Pro

Hello everyone, I play VRChat on Meta Quest Pro without connecting to a PC and now on the standalone version of VRChat on this helmet, face and eye tracking does not work, VRChat is a very popular social game, and transferring your real emotions to this game is very important and It’s surprising, especially since so many people play without connecting to a PC. I really want and hope that they will come up with something to make everything work, even if it is only with a VRChat+ subscription or it will be some third-party program that runs in the background while playing directly on the headset.

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They removed that build a while ago.

First they removed it from the main build, because it caused performance problems for every Quest user and then they stopped updating the special Quest Pro build because less than 2 digit people were using it or something.

So you’ll probably be waiting for a while for vrc to support it again, likely next time a headset on “Horizon OS” supports face and eye tracking. Or for Meta to allow background apps to get the data, since then you could technically bounce it to VRCFT and back.

oh, okay, let’s wait. The main thing is that sooner or later it will still work on Meta Quest Pro in offline mode