VRC Quest Input Bindings

I don’t know how to access A,B,X,Y buttons in code while building a VRChat world, can anyone help with this?
I also wanted to know if I can override the functions of grip and interact(use) buttons in VRChat completely, make them do something else entirely

Thank you in advance:)

Can’t help you for udon stuff, maybe ask in Udon
for the grip i would say probably not, as all controllers can’t use it.
For the rest can’t.

Take a look at the VRChat Inputs spreadsheet: VRChat inputs - Google Sheets
Using Input.GetButton("button") and the values listed in the above spreadsheet, you can directly access any button/grip/joystick on most controllers, including A/B/X/Y on Quest controllers I believe.

As for overriding grip/interact functionality, I don’t believe there’s an easy way you can do that. But, you can detect the grip/trigger values using the spreadsheet and do some fancy Udon stuff to potentially get a result close to what you want.

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Works, thanks!

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