Unity|VCC Console Error When Uploading Avatar

if vrcfury was missing but required, then that make sense

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that i already try when i try to upload the sdk tells me i can’t on the 2019 ver. because the avatar has been built on the 2022 ver.

I’ve been having this issue with an avatar, and I finally figured out the solution. I tried a VPN like someone suggested, but no dice! I finally realized I was missing scripts that I had assumed came with the avatar package. Turns out I needed to import them manually. Chances are, if you get this error with an already empty blueprint ID, you’re probably missing some required scripts, whether that’s DPS, dynamic bones, GoGoLoco, etc.
The way I figured out what it required was just by checking the avatar’s store page and seeing which features the avi had. Mine specifically was missing the scripts for dynamic bones (which I haven’t used in a hot minute) and DPS.

Is the SDK auto converting those yet? Like with your avatar, in avatar details is physbones filled out, or dynamic bones?

The SDK requires either dynamic bones or the dynamic bones stubs to be able to see the dynamic bones data, but it can then convert to physbones

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