Unity Installation Fees

You all have probably heard about the new fees Unity wants to start next year. What do you think about them do you think that there is any way they’ll impact VRChat? I don’t know how many installs the game has over its lifetime or how much revenue it makes so idk if it would even meet the eligibility but yeah

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Maybe upgrade from unity 2019 to 2022 gets retargeted to an upgrade from unity 2019 to a version of unreal engine

I’ve seen a lot of fortnite animation in unity, maybe the reverse isn’t so bad.

The other with l thought I had was Hollywood accounting, maybe we’re playing a game by VRChat 2023, and that company makes no money, and then next year we’re playing a game by VRChat 2024, and gosh darn it, they don’t know how to make money either…

If you weren’t aware, Unity recently announced some changes to its pricing and licensing structure. You’ve sent us a few questions asking about how these changes might impact VRChat.

To keep it very succinct: VRChat isn’t going anywhere, thanks due in part to our VRChat Plus supporters. Thank you!


It could’ve been really bad because it’s very clear as to what happened and how those decisions came to be.

I mod Star Wars battlefront 2017. That game has some notorious history. Basically the CEO of EA (at the time of the Star Wars game.) added all these pay2play and pay walls to the point that you would spend around maybe $30-40 to get Darth Vader and other characters. The Star Wars community hated that so they retaliated with complaints and boycotting it. Eventually EA caved in and took off all the paywalls and as a result that CEO had to leave.

Why am I telling this? Simple, he just took over Unity. Sure there could be no changes to VRCHAT but software being open source is what allows us to utilize creativity so I hope that the unity community does the same thing and retaliate.

You do know that this would A) take years and B) result in losing ALL existing content? It’s not an option, at all.

Unity stated they will add a thing so they can know whom already have installed their game.
Now I would believe they do it by collecting the unique hardware ID of the softwares, so once your ID is on their list you will not be charged untill you modify the ID or exchange components in a PC to the extend the ID changes and you need to re-phurchase a new windows license. or buy a new computer and we dont do that every year. (just a speculation of their method but that makes sence I guess and most commonly used since its much much more effective then IP checks due to VPN’s)
Mobile phones we do, but calculate the small fee they take out and add it to how often you replace your phone and it still will take time for you to overstep the threshhold seeing that every year or monthly you pay for the vrcplus = fractal of a loss per user really.

For more info on pricing look at:

It ranges from $0.20 to $0.01 per time it detects someone reinstall the game and by knowing the above statments it kinda makes this… Meh
But I believe they should have set a threshhold for everyone at 1 million, since if you can earn 1 million from your game, you are more then capable to create insentive content in your game to cover up a small installation fee of a few cents and smaller studios/individuals will feel more “I will not be affected by this since I will not make 1 million in years every 12 month”

Unitys new fee system does penelize small developers that have no real insentive for new users to spend money on/in their game for sure but esentially, buy vrcplus once and your have contributed a whole lot.
“raging 5 year old toddler act” is a bit much honestly.
Unity themselfs might be hurt by not setting a later date for applying this as a slow transition as many in the community for Unity are in the mindset: “if they drop this as a bomb on us, what more will they do randomly? I’ve lost trust” and “Oh I don’t like this and I will boycott”.
unreal as compedator have clear instructions on this already in their TOS but then again this is a new concept for unity, so its just that, its new.
Also If i’m not wrong vrchat stated they would introduce their own payment system for worlds etc = They get more money, maybe not much but more is more.
I for sure would enable such content in my world rathern then use gumroad booth, patrean for peopel to subscribe to my world for special unlocks since supporting the game/platform I like to use to make sure it will keep existing is well = “Duuuuh”

What unity should have done in my in my mind is stick to this:

And push their “use our payment system for your content that we will activly develop to fit your needs, so we get 1-10% of every phurchases your users does in your game” method, not installs.

With upgrades to newer versions of the Unity engine requiring “Bug fixes” to how content is read in from the asset bundles, I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

I figure if an engine switch is 100% not an option, Unity has VRChat by the short and curlys, but at 99.9% there is still some room :wink: